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    Core Services

    PT. Anugerah Ika Pratama start-up in 2008 to handle site-services for several industries.


PT. Anugerah Ika Pratama service experience starting from service site in Mining for Hydraulic Hose Assembly in Muara Teweh and Luwe in 2009 to 2012.With the highly expected Quality and Services in lots of Industries, We decided to expand our business and strengthen our commitment to deliver better products. Our distribution center in Jakarta is ready to supply various Well-known Hydraulic Hose and other Quality Products to support our services. With the stronger commitment and products support, we are more than ready for a better challange to service in Mining Industry.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industry is another sector for our company in expanding our market. This Industry is challanging and we have confidence to deliver Quality Product and Good Services. In time, we have been collaborate with PT. Rekayasa Industri, acted as a Registered and Trusted Oil Contructor to supply our Product to several Oil Company such as Mobile Cepu Limited and PERTAMINA Geothermal. Therefore, in this opportunity we also would like to show our appreciation to PT. Rekayasa Industri for the trust and support in helping us promoting our products.

Chemical Plants

Our market for Chemical Industry is just started recently and we are picking up slowly by completing our Product range to better serves our customer. We have been trusted by several company from this sector, such as PT. Mulya Adhi Paramitha, PT. Indesso Aroma, etc.to supply their needs in Hoses, Fittings, and other product required.


Construction sector is also another interesting market with the current Economic Growth in Indonesia. We have been servicing the company which is having Heavy Big Machinery for Drilling and Boring Foundation for High Raise Sky Building. We have been trusted to serve PT. Bauer Pratama Indonesia from 2011 till today and we are maintaining the Quality from time to time. We hope to reach their satisfaction and trust on our products installed on their Heavy Machinery.


OEM Manufacturer Market is a new market for us yet it is not a new challange. Our Standard for Hose Assembly has been set-up in High expected Quality and We have been putting a lot of effort to improve our Hose Assembly Equipment from time to time. Our Asssembly Equipment such as Crimping Machine, High Speed Cutting Machine, Skiving Machine, Test Bench Machine and Cleaning Hose Gun have been used and set accordance to our Principle Manufacturer Standard. Thus, we will be applying for ISO 9001 for Management Standard Quality, in order to gain Customer Satisfaction and Trust in the future.


Through out our dealer we have been supplying to several Factories in Indonesia which produce Tire Product, Iron Wire Product (IWWI), Rubber Belt Product (PT. Mitsuboshi Indonesia), and other factory that we cannot meantion. Therefore, we would like to Thank our Dealer for helping us promoting our Producs and we will always keep our Quality Product and Services to reach customer satisfaction.